The Bridge is a series of classes that will help you take the next step in your journey with God and connect deeper at Bronx Bethany. Learn more about each class below.

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1. Living the Vision
The first class will give you the chance to learn more about who we are as Bronx Bethany, and how you can be part of the vision we’re living out. 

2. Growing in Relationship
In this class, you’ll find out more about spiritual growth through relationships and learn about all the opportunities to connect with others at Bronx Bethany. This is a great class to help you get ready for your next level of growth in community 

3. Serving in Community
This class will help you discover and learn more about the unique way God made you and how to maximize your gifts by serving others in His kingdom. 

4. Leading with Impact
The final class will take you deeper into how to make a difference on the world around you for Christ, and will serve as an avenue to discovering your future steps at Bronx Bethany.



Pastor Lilly Webb
Connectivity Pastor
718-515-4633 Ext. 9823